Lotan Babies International is a company founded in the year 2019 by a mom. As a first-time mom, she never imagined breastfeeding and child care could be difficult. This led to her  continuous research for products that will simplify some of the difficulties mothers experience during the early phase of their motherhood journey.
Since inception, we’ve been able to help thousands of moms across, achieve exclusive breastfeeding and continual supplementary feeding as recommended by W.H.O.
Our Mission
Lotan brand aims at improving mothers lives through smart Innovative products and education. Our utmost priority is to provide quality baby products that are safe to use and affordable.
Our Vision
To provide moms with range of innovative products so as to make their early motherhood journey an easy breeze. Also, to educate as many moms as possible on the importance of breastfeeding; motherhood and child care tips.