Dear mama, breastfeed for a healthy environment

Did you know? Breastfeeding helps to eradicate childhood obesity and the rate of Infant death.
Breastmilk is rich in biochemicals and hormones which help to control appetite and promote healthy weight gain.

W.H.O and UNICEF are calling on the government to promote and advocate for breastfeeding because the benefits of breastfeeding to others, baby, and the world at large can never be overemphasized.
We mothers can help in our little way to create awareness and educate mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding.
Let’s join hands together and build a healthy environment.

Breastmilk contains millions of live cells and enzymes! Amazing how the woman’s body produces food filled with love and millions of antibodies!!!
When next you think of quitting mama, remember, your body was made to do this. Your little one needs these antibodies contained in breastmilk for healthy growth and development.

Breastfeeding may not come easy as planned, that is why we make sure to provide moms with innovative products which are easy to use and affordable so as to overcome breastfeeding difficulties and ensures she achieves breastfeeding for 6months and continual supplementary feeding as recommended by W.H.O.