Q: How does your silicone breast pump work?

A: Lotan silicone breast pump is a hands-free breast pump which  collects breast milk from the breast through gentle natural suction. It`s flexible{silicone} nature enables vacuum to be created in the breast pump, by squeezing the breast pump to force out air; the pressure locked in the breast pump gently pull out milk from the breast. The flange part of the breast pump{See pack for the labelled parts} also applies painless pressure while lapping on the outer part of the milk ducts thereby causing release of  milk down to the nipple.

Q: Do I need to press the pump to express breastmilk?

A: No, You don’t have to. It is hands-free. Just fix to the breast and let it suction by itself. Pressing may interrupt the pressure created in the pump which pulls milk out of the breast

Q: Does your silicone breast pump hurt while expressing?

A: No, it doesn’t.Lotan silicone breast pump is totally painless; but if you experience any pain while pumping, it may be that it is not properly fixed to your breast. Your nipple should be positioned in the middle of the pump. please remove and reposition properly.

Q: Is your baby fruit feeder only for fruits?

A: No. You can add vegetables and pureed foods too.

Q: Can seeds come out through the silicone mesh openings?

A: No. It cannot. The silicone mesh have tiny openings of about 2mm. It is impossible for seeds to pass through. It allows flow of liquid and semi-solid while leaving the solid matter behind.

Q: How big is your diaper backpack?

A: With dimension of 44cm by 27cm by 22cm, it is big enough to contain a big sized laptop, big tin of baby`s food and all your little one`s  essentials.

Q: How does the USB port work? Do I need to connect a power bank to it?

A: Yes, you need to connect a power bank to the inbuilt USB charging port in the bag, then your USB cord to your phone for convenient charging.

Q: How long do I need to use the silicone nipple corrector to see result?

A: For an effective result, use morning and night.

How do I use the bottle warmer?

A: Simply connect the USB cord to the charging port on the bottle warmer, then to a power bank source, car charging port or a laptop .  leave for about 30mins or more.